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Integrative Arts Psychotherapist

Sophie Jones is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist with experience across a variety of client groups, covering on a wide range of clinical material including: anxiety and depression, substance misuse, survivors and perpetrators of abuse and other criminal offences. Sophie works with adults and young people, and has spent several years in Early Years settings, so has an in-depth understanding of childhood development and issues around attachment and behaviour.

Sophie has a Masters in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, a Post-Graduate Certificate in the Therapeutic Arts, and a certificate in Counselling Skills. She is registered and accredited with the Health and Care Professionals Council and is a member of IATE.

Using art affords Sophie's clients the opportunity to express what words alone cannot. It often reveals rich material into the room with layers of symbolic meaning to be explored, and it allows people to offload their internal world onto the page, where it can then be more easily held, seen and understood. The therapeutic relationship is also central to Sophie's practice as it offers the foundations of a safe and trusting space in which one can begin to open up to what can be such a healing and reparative process.

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