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Bespoke Wellbeing Chef

Victoria's passion for food and cooking came out of a necessity: her mother did not like spending time in the kitchen, so as a young girl Victoria gladly took over the reins cooking for her family and discovered was where she was most happiest. Aged 16, Victoria travelled to France learned the language and French cooking techniques from a professional chef.

Cooking became a much-loved hobby for Victoria, but she went on to train as a nurse and studied public relations and marketing and worked in the corporate world for 15 years. 

Although successful, Victoria felt unsatisfied. After some soul searching, it dawned on Victoria that cooking was her passion. So, she turned her hobby into a career and trained as a professional chef at a culinary school and she has never looked back.

Victoria has worked in some of the best kitchens in London's top restaurants. As a private chef, Victoria provides bespoke menus that are packed with healthy foods, nutrition and tasty flavours. She enjoys working closely with her clients and feels joy at the experience her guests receive from her food. 

Victoria enjoys cooking in different styles: from the rustic French provincial dish to the more elaborate fine dinning experience. A chef is the link between the ingredients and the execution, and to Victoria this is an art form.

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