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Therapy Session


Once we have completed your initial assessment, we will create a customised treatment plan for you. We encourage you to set your own goals and define what success means for you. Our counsellors will listen to your needs and allow you to heal and grow at your own pace, and to take control of your treatment process. 

Our personalised approach gives you the ability to customise your daily, weekly and long-term treatment so that it meets your unique needs, interests, lifestyle and budget. The type, frequency and intensity of your sessions will be determined collaboratively. Whatever your treatment needs are, we make sure you have everything at your disposal. 

Outpatient treatment for straightforward needs

  • A weekly 50-minute session in cognitive behavioural therapy, integrative psychotherapy, art therapy, trauma-focused therapy, or motivational interviewing.

  • Short frequent support sessions (30 minutes) for addiction recovery or mental health support 

  • At-home detoxification

Inpatient treatment for complex needs

  • Discreet and exclusive residences in a location of your choice

  • Multi-disciplinary team providing 24-hour professional care

  • Medically assisted detoxification

  • Access to all therapy options 

  • Private chef

  • House staff

  • Driver

  • Personal trainer 

In addition, the following options are available to all our clients:

  • Couples therapy

  • Family support

  • Support in accessing AA and other 12-step meetings

  • Group therapy

  • Complementary therapies 

  • Nutritional advice 

  • Specialist fitness training

  • Health appointments

We review your progress every four to six weeks, or at any time when significant changes occur in your life that might affect your treatment. We’ll walk this journey together, overcoming challenges that stand in the way of your growth; celebrating your developing confidence in yourself and your future. 

Whatever your path to success, Keysteps Wellbeing is committed to meeting you where you are and working with you to find the tools you need to reach new levels of health, happiness and success.  

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