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Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Abbasian (BSc MBBS MSc FRCPsych) completed his psychiatric training at the Maudsley, a centre of excellence and one of the most influential mental health establishments in the world. He has worked with leaders in the field of psychiatry and addictions. Dr Abbasian has been practicing psychiatry since 2000 

Dr Abbasian has access to a wide range of therapeutic interventions including psychological, psychotherapeutic, day hospital and inpatient facility in London. He teaches medical students, junior doctors, GPs and charity volunteers. Dr Abbasian has also made more than 15 media appearances, including the BBC, and has published extensively. 

Dr. Abbasian has expertise in diagnosis and treatment of
• Depression
• Anxiety and OCD
• Stress related disorders
• Trauma and PTSD
• ADHD/ADD (Adderall treatment) 
• Bipolar Disorders
• Psychosis
• Addictions (alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, GHB,     ketamine, gambling, gaming, technology, naltrexone treatment) 
• Psychiatric issues affecting doctors

Dr Abbasian is recognised by major insurers. He is able to communicate fluently in Farsi (دکتر سیروس عباسیان) and is well placed to address issues in patients from Iran and the Middle East. 

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